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Aluminum Foil Bubble Insulation Material Vapour Battier Pallet Cover, Thermal insulated pallet blankets,


Aluminum Foil Bubble Insulation Material Vapour Battier Pallet Cover, Thermal insulated pallet blankets,


Model Number : WHATSAPP: 008613780964661

Certification : ISO 9001:2000, FDA, HACCP, SGS, EN13432

Place of Origin : BAGEASE.CN

MOQ : 1000pieces Skype: mydearneil


Payment Terms : T/T

Delivery Time : 15 DAYS

Packaging Details : 2000PCS/CARTON

lining bags : pot liners

basket liner : flower pot

drum liners : plastic drum liner

pallet cover : pallet top covers

can liners : trash can liners

bucket liner : pail liner

dust cap : drum cover

drum cap sheets : lid liners

round bottom : square bottom

Gaylord Liners : Gusset VCI Bags

Gusseted Pallet Covers : Pallet Cap Sheets on Rolls

Pallet-Size Shrink Bags on Rolls : Black Pallet Covers - Gusseted

Custom Printed Gusseted : Poly Bags on Rolls

Tarpaulin for Pallet cover : Truck/Car/Trailer Cover

COVER BAG/FILM/LINER : Jumbo bags on roll

Jumbo bags : Heavy duty bags on roll

Super large Bags : Liquid packing bags

chemical packing bags : waterproof and dust proof

waterproof bag : dust proof bags

asbestos liners : flame retardant sheets bags

soiled linen : laundry bags

mattress bags : pharmaceutical packaging

inner box liners : box liners

gusseted liner : gussets bags

Baggies : Lay Flat Bags

Extra Clear Bags : Merchandise Bags

Poly Sheets : Poly Tubing

Poly Bag Assortment : Shrink Bags

Large Bags Sizes : Extra Large Bags

planters : planter

Garden Pot Liners : Pot Liners

nursery pots : Plants Pot Nursery Pots Flower Plastic Planter grow pot


Hydroponics Nursery Planters : Hydroponics Planters


Supply Ability : 1 MILLION PER MONTH

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The pallet blankets can be used for multiple use applications,it can not only use as pallet cover bags, but also can cover the instrument equipment as a protective thermal blankets. Landy Pallet cover bags can be manufactured from different materials Such as radiant barrier,PE bubble aluminum foil and XPE/EPE foam aluminum foil.

Feature and Application of the pallet cover bags

ü Lightweight and easy to handle.

ü Effective moisture and vapor barrier.

ü Reduce Product Loss and Keep Product Clean

ü Reduce heating and cooling costs all year round

ü Effective Insulation and keep Stabilize Temperatures

ü Cover provides exceptional resistance to temperature change.

ü Create custom thermal packaging for food, plants and medical shipments.

Parameter of the Thermal insulated pallet blankets

Thickness3mm-10mm are available
Temperature resistance-50°C to 180°C (ASTM C411)
MaterialPE bubble aluminum,EPE aluminum foil, XPE aluminum,



Alu+double bubble+Alu Alu+bubble+Alu



1.2m*1.2m*1.2m / 1.2m*1.2m*1.5m




Th size can be customized


Q1:whats the application of your cooler liner material

Cooler bag insulation material and box liner are great for keeping items warm or cool.Thedisposable cooler liners are used by a variety of industries for confections, flowers, online grocery shippers, medical testing labs, and live animals, and many others.

Q1:How your food insulated bag work?

The Reflective barrier insulation can insulates against the outside temperature. the foam insulation inside has millions of tiny air pockets that insulate very well.Self-adhesive tape seals up bags and prevents internal air from escaping.

Q2:Whats the advantages of your insulated thermal bags ?

Self-adhesive tape seals up box liners and prevents internal air from escaping, ensuring optimal insulation.Easy peel off strip makes sealing up the insulated box liner simple and effective.Closed or with apertures for pallets, drums, or roll containers

Q2:What`s is your payment?

We accept T/T,please contact us for more information.

IBC HIGH-BARRIER FOIL LINER. The most effective moisture and oxygen barrier for packaging environmentally sensitive products is a liner constructed from an aluminum foil lamination. Moisture barrier liners incorporate an impermeable layer of aluminum foil to ensure the long-term integrity of a wide variety of environmentally sensitive products.

Products that typically require a liner inside of a box or carton or bag-in-box packaging include:
Semi-Liquids – Oils and Fats, Process Cheese, Fondant Sugar
Frozen Foods – Fruit and Vegetables, Fish, Meat
Breads – Baquettes, Ciabattas, Buns, etc.
Powders – spice mixes, flour, sugar
Food ingredients – nuts, dried fruits, chocolate
Small parts – bolts, screws, nails, plastic parts
Electronic components
Plastics – small parts, resins

Pallet Covers, we can produce Pallet covers to be made of materials like PVC, Aluminium, EPE thermal, LDPE, Canvas, PP woven Fabric, Textile, Tarpaulin, etc;

Plastic Pallet Covers, Pallet Cap Sheets, Gusseted Pallet Covers, Pallet Bags
Polyethylene Pallet Covers are used to cover materials on a pallet. These Poly Gusseted Pallet Covers are perfect for light/medium/heavy duty usage. Pleated sides expand to the width of A standard pallet; industrial strength polyethylene offers inexpensive protection. Bagease

Gaylord Liners

Gusseted Gaylord Box Liners (also used as pallet covers) offer a popular and economical way to provide protection. We have many sizes to choose from that can accommodate your needs and can be custom printed to display your company's logo or information. Our Box Liners are durable and are great for keeping your product or cargo safe, clean and secure.
Clear Gusseted Liners for Gaylord Boxes and Bins Bagease
Pallet covers are used to line these boxes.A Gaylord box is 48" x 40" x 36" (approx. 120 cm x 100 cm x 90 cm) and fits neatly on a standard shipping pallet. Choose your liner size from our in-stock pallet covers, or scroll to the bottom for more options. Bagease

Gusset VCI Bags

Our Gusseted VCI Bags with Vapor Corrosion Inhibitor have transparent blue film for easy identification of products. Used for large mechanical parts or as a box liner for metal parts where oxidation is a concern.
Gusseted Poly Bags with Vapor Corrosion Inhibitor
Vapor Corrosion Inhibitor VCI bags provide anti-corrosion protection for increased life of your tools, metal components, machined parts and any item that is prone to oxidation.
Protection: protects metals for up to 5 years when properly packed and stored. Bagease
Shelf Life: 2 years if stored at 85 degrees F (30 degrees C) or less and out of direct sunlight in original packaging.
We offer virtually any size Custom VCI Stretch Film and Bags.

Gusseted Pallet Covers

Clear plastic pallet covers on Rolls
Gusseted Poly Pallet Covers are used to cover materials on a pallet or as liners for holding goods packed in Gaylord containers. These Gusseted Poly Bags are perfect for most shipping needs. Pleated sides expand to width of most standard pallets; industrial strength polyethylene offers inexpensive protection. Pallet cover bags can be used over pallets or as Gaylord Box Liners.

Pallet Cap Sheets on Rolls

These protective Poly Cap Sheets are perforated On a Roll for easy tear off. Each 2 Mil roll comes with 200 sheets that are 60" x 68". Just tear off individual sheet and lay across the top of the pallet to cover and protect from dirt, dust, and other types of contaminates. These plastic pallet covers are also great for placing under items that will be placed directly on the ground or stacked on top of one another. Bagease

Pallet-Size Shrink Bags on Rolls

Pallet Cover Shrink Bags
Shrink Pallet Bags are recommended for use with large machinery, heavy irregular loads and for outdoor protection. Our pallet cover shrink bags are a gusseted bag on perforated roll for easy tear off. Just slip the pallet cover shrink bags over the palletized goods and shrink with a heat gun. These shrink pallet covers have a UVI additive protects from the sun's rays and keep contents more secure during shipping. Bagease

Black Pallet Covers - Gusseted

Gusseted Black UVI Pallet Covers on Rolls
Gusseted Black UVI Pallet Covers on Rolls are pre-cut and perforated on a roll for fast, easy dispensing. They help to keep products free from dirt, dust, and light. Black opaque film helps to prevent pilferage by concealing pallet contents but also keeping items that might be sensitive to light protected. Very often they are used as machinery covers and to line gaylord containers against moisture and contamination from foreign objects. Perfect for outside storage. These large Gusseted Poly Bags are perfect for most shipping needs. Pleated sides expand to width of most standard pallets; industrial strength polyethylene offers inexpensive protection.

Custom Printed Gusseted Poly Bags on Rolls

Gusseted Poly Bags on Rolls are Plastic Bags that are bottom sealed and perforated for easy tear off. Expandable pleat on both sides of the bag allowing lots of room for bulky, square and odd items. Choose the size that best fits your need. Bagease

Continuous roll of seamless tubing perforated at specified lengths for easy tear-off. Top opening can be above or below perforation. They need a minimum of storage space and are used for bin liners, pallet covers, and "long" bags. Can be used with automated bagging equipment.

Tarpaulin for Pallet cover, Truck/Car/Trailer Cover

Features: waterproof, UV resistant, flame retardant, dust proof, moist proof
Weight: 610gsm/ 18oz
Yarn count: 1000*1000d, 20*20/ 1000*1000d, 18*18
Technics: coated
Flame retardant: B1, B2, M2 level
Surface: glossy/matte, acrylic lacquering (optional)
We also accept to produce ready products, quotation will be provided after the size is given. Sewing, cutting, hot welding, high frenquency technics is available.
Except 610gsm PVC tarpaulin, you can have many choice 250gsm-2000gsm.
1, Exposed to sunshine for long time, UV resistant, aging reisistant, long service life.
2, High tensile and tearing resistance
3, Good anti-puncture, and good rooting resistance
4, Good flexibility at low temperature.

Square bottom bag, Pallet cover, Round bottom bags, LDPE Drum Liner, Inner Liner, Jumbo bags on roll, Heavy duty bags on roll, Super large Bags, Liquid packing bags, chemical packing bags

For pallets covering mainly used and covering the pallets and goods in the airport,it`s waterproof and dust proof,protect the air cargo goods from dirty and be moisten.

Pallet covers offer stability and protection for palletised goods in transit. Layer the cover over the pallet before stretch wrapping for complete weatherproof protection. Available in a choice of dispensing options as single bags or on a perforated roll depending on your requirements.



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Quality Aluminum Foil Bubble Insulation Material Vapour Battier Pallet Cover, Thermal insulated pallet blankets, for sale

Aluminum Foil Bubble Insulation Material Vapour Battier Pallet Cover, Thermal insulated pallet blankets, Images

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